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Toilet water hook up

  • Disconnect the hose attachment
  • 5Bolt Toilet to Floor
  • How toilet water hook up to Install a Water Connection
  • Home Guides toilet water hook up
  • Connect toilet installation kit
  • Disconnect the hose attachment

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    Connect toilet installation kit. How to Install a Water Connection for a Toilet, Home Guides
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    5Bolt Toilet to Floor

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    Toilet connection connecting the water supply to a toilet.

    How toilet water hook up to Install a Water Connection

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    Home Guides toilet water hook up

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    Shut off the water attachment for the toilet
    Toilet hook up to floor. How to Install a Water Connection for a Toilet 1
    Attaching the water line.

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    Toilet hook up lines. Choose an existing cold water pipe into which you can tie the toilet supply line, and shut off the water to that pipe How to install a toilet.

    Connect toilet installation kit

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    • The toilet from hell
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    • Place a washer and nut on each toilet bowl bolt and evenly tighten the nuts onto the bolts